5 Signs She’s DYING For You To Ask Her Out!

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She’s Messaging You On Chat Tech

Since women are on the complicated side, it can be a little difficult to know when they’re sending you signs. But a sure fire way of knowing if a woman is into you is if she keeps messaging you on chat tech. If your chat tech is constantly getting blown up by one specific girl, she’s most definitely dying for you to ask her out. Online dating sites can connect you with local singles but it can’t really tell you when a girl is feeling you, so you might have to use your judgement from time to time. If a woman is taking her time to message you via chat tech, she is trying to tell you something, and what she is trying to say is that she wants you to ask her out NOW.

She’s Using Body Language Instead Of Words

Most women aren’t going to tell you that they’re into you, instead they are going to use different ways to let you know that they want you. If you know how to read a woman’s body language, you basically know how to read her mind, so next time you’re on a date with a hot chick you met on an online cam site, try paying attention to her body language. Since women don’t like making the first move, they leave it up to you to do it. Unfortunately, making the first move can be a little intimidating when you don’t know whether or not a woman is down for you. You might be on a date with a girl who you believe is into you, or you might be chatting with a cute girl you just randomly met, whatever your situation might be, you should try reading her body language to see if she wants you or not. If you just ran into a super cute girl and are chatting her up, you don’t want to let you uncertainty stop you from asking her out, right? But you don’t want to get rejected either. By learning to read a girl’s body language, you’ll learn how to know whether she is dying for you to ask her out or dying to get away from you.

She’s Giving You Light Touches

If a girl is into you, she is going to try to make it as obvious as possible. She isn’t going to want to lose her chance of going out on a date with you but she isn’t going to ask you out either. If a girl is dying for you to ask her out, you best believe that she will do her best to get you to know that she wants you. If you’re chatting with a girl and she keeps lightly touching you, she most definitely thinks you’re adorable. Woman don’t do things for no reason, so if she keeps giving you light touches every time you say something cute or funny it is her way of showing you that she’s interested. Since most women don’t touch people they don’t like, receiving light touches from a girl means that she wants you to ask her out. Women might seem complicated to people who don’t understand them, but they’re actually quite simple once you start speaking their language.

She’s Keeping Eye Contact

If someone keeps eye contact with you, it either means that they want to intimidate you, seduce you, or kill you, but let’s give your date the benefit of the doubt and assume that she isn’t a psychopath. If your date is keeping eye contact with you for longer than usual, this means that she is totally into you. When a girl wants you to ask her out or make a move she is going to use her eyes as a guide, so make sure to watch out for her signals.

She’s Keeping The Online Conversation Going

If you met someone online and they seem to be into you, you don’t want to ask her out too fast and blow your chances. In order to remain as cool as possible you should wait for her to send you some clues. If a woman is keeping your online conversation going, it is most probably because she wants you to ask her out. So if you’re chatting with a girl who keeps the online conversation going by asking you questions and making sure you don’t run out of conversation topics, she is most likely DYING for you to ask her out.