Can Couples Counseling Help Save Your Relationship?

couples counsellingCouples Counselling

World Casual Encounters

Did you recently find out that your girlfriend had a world casual encounter behind your back? Well, if you did then you are probably wondering what it is you should do. The thought of your girlfriends having a world casual encounter is enough to make you want to explode, but somehow you still love her. In the end, she came to you and confessed her one night stand because she felt you had the right to know and she felt super guilty. You could have found out that your girlfriend had a world casual encounter through her internet engine or by word of mouth, but she came to you directly and so you’re thinking about giving her another chance. You might be having mixed feelings about getting back together, and you should! Getting back together with someone after being cheated on is a very tough position.

Couples Counseling

Many people will scoff at couples counselling, but then again they might never have needed professional help to save their relationship before. If you are still in love with your girlfriend, but can’t get over the fact that she cheated on you, then couples counselling will allow you to properly express yourself without it ending in a yelling match. A couples counsellor will ask your girlfriend the right types of questions, and get to the bottom of why she had an affair. She will also ask both of you to go through a series of exercises that will allow you to say everything that is on your mind. Deciding to cheat on your long term partner is not something that happens over, for the most part, and the need to validate yourself through sex usually means that there is an underlying issue going unnoticed. For your relationship to succeed after an affair, you need to give it all you got and keep an open mind.

Retaliation Affair

If you recently found out that your girlfriend cheated on you with someone she met off the internet, then you might be trying to add fuel to the fire. If all you can think about is making your girlfriend feel exactly like you do, then having a retaliation affair will do that. However, if you really want to fix things with your girlfriend and get past your affair, getting even might not be the best idea. Still, it is within your right to have a retaliation affair if that is what it will take to make you feel more in charge of the entire situation. The bad thing about having a retaliation affair is that you will be having sex with someone else to have revenge on your girlfriend. If that doesn’t make you feel weird then maybe you should reconsider trying to salvage your relationship.

Open Relationship

If you are still in love with your girlfriend, but you feel as though you can never trust her again, then maybe you should try having an open relationship. If you and your partner are both interested in having sex with other people, but do not want to break up with each other, you both might be in need of a little more freedom. The good thing thing about an open relationship is that you don’t have to fear getting cheated on anymore, and you can go out and meet new people and have some casual sex. After a while of being in an open relationship, you and your girlfriend might realise that it isn’t what it is cut out to be and resume your serious relationship.

Trying Something New

Trying new things is a good way of getting over something horrible. If your girlfriend cheated on you, and you are having trouble coming to terms with it, then maybe you can get something out of it. Trying something new can help you move forward, and it can also make things more interesting for you and your girlfriend. Maybe you always wanted to have a threesome, but your girlfriend never wanted to. If so, this might be the right time to bring it up. If this is something you are serious about, you should talk to her about it. If she is willing to try new things in order to save your relationship, then she might be inclined to say yes.

If your relationship is strong enough, you might very well be able to move past your girlfriend having an affair, but not everyone can do this. If you still feel like you want revenge after trying out all these options, it might best for you to accept the fact that your relationship is over.

Affair Websites for Those Who Like Sexting

married womenAffair Websites

Affair Websites

When you join a dating website, there are many different branches of opportunity, and if you don’t do your research right you might end up falling into the wrong category. There are some adult dating sites that target the married population, and these sites are often referred to as affair websites. However, not every married person will want to subscribe to an affair website, and might end up joining a general online dating platform meant for singles. Depending on your morals, you might not be comfortable messing around with a married woman. But she might not want to tell you that she’s really having an affair. Although some people are alright with helping someone cheat on their partners, most are not.

Seeing The Signs

The whole idea behind a casual relationship is not having to commit or be present in your partner’s life. Still, there is one thing you should inquire about beforehand and this is whether or not your casual hookup is actually living a double life. If the woman you’ve been sleeping with is actually married then it won’t take long before you start seeing the signs. Seeing the signs isn’t really a hard thing to do, and married women tend to leave a trail of tracks behind them. Next time you are with your casual hookup, try and see if she is wearing any heart shape jewelry, or if her ring finger is a paler shade than the others. If she is constantly going into another room and whispering while on the telephone, this might also be a sign that she is cheating.

Sexting Tactics

Now that many people prefer texting over calling, the playful population has had to adapt to sexting to get their point across. Sexting is a low key way of enjoying yourself, and you can do it pretty much anywhere you go. If you want to become a sexting expert, you are going to need to learn some sexting tactics. Since you are using words to describe the situation, pretend that your words are really your hands. What would your hands be doing if you were face to face with you sexting companion? Describe the process slowly, as to not rush things, and focus your sext around what you want to do to them. By applying these sexting tactics, you will be able to arouse your partner from miles away. Now that the world is online, many people are inquiring about sexting tactics to help them send risky texts to their lovers.

How To Stop Yourself From Being The Other Man

Some people join dating websites with the intentions of finding love while some join them to find casual hookups. No matter your preference, there are some women who use these platforms in hopes of having a steamy affair. If a woman takes off her wedding ring and tells you she’s single, then you are inclined to believe her. However, she might very well be lying to you to get her way. If you’re not into being the other man, there are many ways of finding out who you are really dealing with. In order to stop yourself from being the other man, you need to tell people in advance that you aren’t into having affairs. Also, you might start seeing some red flags if your hookup never wants to bring you back to her place, and only wants to hook up during the day time.

How To Avoid Married Women

Woman can be very sneaky, and their natural good looks are often enough to make us believe that they are angels. When meeting someone new with intentions of hooking up, you can never be to sure of who you are dealing with. If your main goal is to avoid married women and their drama altogether, then you need to be prepared. Dating a married woman can be very dangerous for you and for your partner, and so it is never really encouraged. If you want to know how to avoid married women then you’ve come come to the right place. If you refrain from using sites that include married and unmarried women, you will lower your chances of crossing paths with a cheater. Also, alway recommend meeting your new online date at a location close to where she lives. If she becomes hesitant or wants to meet somewhere out of her area completely, she might be hiding a husband and doesn’t want to risk someone she knows seeing her out for a drink with another man. If she becomes obviously uncomfortable in public, or is always looking over her shoulder, it might be better start chatting with other people via online dating platforms.